Amongst some of my favourite things include contrasting shades, less being more, art as resistance, liberty, a heavy bassline, a cat's purr, and people with stronger hands and even stronger minds.

When on a vacation, you have really got to try not to let the things going on back home bother you so much. But it’s really easier said than done.

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"Reach For The Touch"

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Valentina Angeloni

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Koshi Kawachi, 2010.
Kawashi sanded down these cans only to leave out small messages.

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Matteo Giordano’s installations in Berlin are everything I love. SO. MUCH.

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Raf Simons spring—summer 1999.

Raf Simons organised his show at the “Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie” in Paris on the 3rd of July 1998. The “Kinetic Youth” collection was presented outside, in front of the enormous mirror ball located in La Villette’s Science and Industry museum in Paris. The set refers to the architectural influences in Raf Simons’ life and also to kinetic objects from his youth. Raf Simons used different songs of David Bowie during the whole show. 

The opening part:
The show opened with David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” and the opening part was inspired by the graphic style of “Bauhaus”;
-Clean lines
-Shirts with white/black contrast (different black pleats in the back and black triangle on the front)
-Black wool pants with on the front one, two or three pleats 

The second part:
A group of very young teenagers wearing white turtleneck shirts with an “R” symbol, stitched on the collar. Their pants were all in different colours; red, petrol, light grey, mint, beige mêlée, marine…The models walked together in a group on the bridge, on one side of the runway leading to the mirror ball, then to the central building and to the bridge on the opposite side of the first one.
-Inspiration: School Memories, for example gymnastic lessons in uniform, repetition.
-Music: “Life on Mars”, David Bowie.

The global idea behind the last two show parts was the inspiration of the “Rubik’s cube” object; order and disorder of colours.

The third part:
Classic ton-sur-ton outfits with merino wool knitted pullovers and classic suits. This time the pleated pants are light grey, beige mêlée, brown and marine.

The fourth part:
The most important material in this part was the coloured leather. Raf Simons showed mixed coloured outfits, like trashed cutted rock t-shirts in yellow and green, with large leather jogging pants and sleeveless tunic jackets. Colours brown, grey, light grey, aubergine, mint, green, red……
-Music: “Heroes”, David Bowie.

The song of the final part: ”Another brick in the Wall” from Pink Floyd. The whole group of ca. 60 boys walked quite fast on the runway, but now in the opposite direction. The order becomes a disorder, as in the song: ”we don’t need no education”. Raf Simons feels inspired by youth culture: on one side they are wearing uniforms, but inside they still feel like HEROES, like unique individuals.

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With the abolition of private property, then, we shall have true, beautiful, healthy Individualism. Nobody will waste his life in accumulating things, and the symbols for things. One will live. To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.
Oscar Wilde, The Soul of Man Under Socialism (1891) -
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David Wiseman. Platanus bibliotechalis…

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My grandma’s take on her Facebook profile tonight:

"What do you mean you can’t see that I’m looking at your profile? You mean you aren’t able to tell that I am? Oh, so only the authorities know that?! And here I was thinking that I was the one being the creep!"

"What do you mean I’m on the "chat"?! I’M NOT CHATTING WITH ANYBODY!"

"I don’t know how anyone is able to talk to people on here like that! It’s just like that horrible text messaging shit! It makes me want to pour myself a DRINK!"

The way that old people and new technology don’t mix is kind of endearing.

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This was a real thing that really happened.

Mike Wallace: What thinker or philosopher living today in or out of America do you respect?
Ayn Rand: Not one.
MW: By your considered judgement, you are therefore the most creative thinker alive today?
AR: If anyone can pick a rational flaw in my philosophy, I will be delighted to acknowledge him and I will learn something from him. Until then--I am.
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